Distribution to Australia

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With all the paperwork turned in, Late Nite Books will soon be available to Australian retailers in paperback (and, when they are produced, hardcover and case laminate).

In addition to the existing distribution network of the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, and any place which can order from those markets, Australia and Oceania have been added to the global distribution channels.

This is all thanks in no small part to Lightning Source out of Tennessee, my personal neighbor to ...

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Late Nite Books paired with Lightning Source

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Late Nite Books is finally and officially a publisher, thanks to a partnership with Lightning Source, Inc., which is a part of the Ingram Content Group.

Ingram is revolutionizing the way content reaches its destination.  By being paired with Lightning Source, Late Nite Books titles appear in Books-in-Print from R.R. Bowker, the U.S. ISBN agency, and 30,000+ brick-and-mortar bookstores worldwide.

What does this mean, exactly?  I’m glad you asked…

In addition to being able ...

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