Welcome to the official homepage of the d10 Core Roleplaying Game System. On this page, you can find links, information, and discussions on the flagship of Late Nite Books, the d10 Core System. Each section below has the versions of the system that are available in print, along with any downloads associated with the product.

First Edition d10 Core is no longer supported; no supplements will be released for old versions of the rule system.  Second Edition d10 Core is in the works.  You can still purchase or download any first edition materials that you would like.

d10 Core Roleplaying Game System – Second Edition

The d10 Core Roleplaying Game System – Second Edition is in the process of being built, with a great deal of changes from First Edition.  There are currently no downloads and no hard copy materials for second edition, but it is in production and should be released soon.

Update 06/06/2011 – d10 Core 2E is in release candidate 1 status, and it should be in playtesting soon to get the bugs out.

d10 Core – Second Edition Supplements & Game Settings

None at this time.

First Edition d10 Core Roleplaying System Core Rulebook & Pocket Companion

No longer supported, linked for legacy purposes: