Brian Kittrell

Brian Kittrell is the founder of the Late Nite Books publishing imprint (2009) and a fiction author. His most recent release is the first book in the Mages of Bloodmyr series, an epic fantasy series, and is entitled The Circle of Sorcerers.

His first release of The Dying Times (Nov. 2010) was met with critic and reviewer acclaim, landing a review in the Midwest Book Review Dec. 2010, “Reviewer’s Bookwatch) and on several other reviewer websites. Other titles in the Survivor Chronicles series include The War of the Dead (released Feb. 2011), Prisoner and Survivor (released May 2011), and A World Forsaken (scheduled Fall, 2011). He has since decided to release the Survivor Chronicles series of books for free, and they can be downloaded from their respect product pages under the Novels & Fiction header.

In addition, he is the author and creator of the d10 Core Roleplaying Game System which is will see a release of the Second Edition of the core rulebook by the end of 2012.  The basis of the game system is to streamline and speed up game play with a strong framework designed for fast task resolution (handled by a single die roll).

Brian is currently employed as a police and fire dispatcher and as a 911 services operator in Mississippi.  He has held many other jobs, which include (in no particular order): volunteer firefighter (attaining the rank of Lieutenant before leaving the service, early 2003 to mid 2010), insurance agent, freelance web designer, grocery store clerk, freelance programmer, gas station clerk, hydraulic machinist/repair, video store clerk, retail clerk, fast food cashier, jail detention officer, juvenile detention officer, and, more recently, entrepreneur, author, writer, and ghostwriter (sorry, can’t reveal any details).  Most of these were short-lived while he was younger, but they have all helped – in some small way or another – to mold his life experience and his writing.

He writes novels as a form of stress relief and management, and he believes that, of the options available, using his unique talent in writing is better than the alternatives (“It’s better than drinking or using other non-constructive things to cope with the pressure.”).  He is married to a wonderful wife, and they have a beautiful daughter together (born Apr. 2010).

In support of other independent authors and publishers, he makes an effort to provide tools and resources for his fellow struggling authors.  To name a couple:  KindleProcessor (launched mid-February, 2011) is a tool which automatically formats eBooks so that they’ll look good on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, the common tool used by all publishers, independent or not, to publish to the Kindle format on Amazon (this tool has become the eBook Formatter, and is available for free); and Late Nite Books (launched Dec. 2009) is the publishing website where he posts tips, tricks, experiences, and opinions on publishing news and topics and current events in general.

Some words that he says often describe him correctly are:  author & writer, web developer & programmer, computer guru & enthusiast, zombie fan, fantasy freak, and always willing to help others.

Late Nite Books is a website containing community resources, company news and information, and digital and physical product links for The Survivor Chronicles series of novels, the d10 Core Roleplaying System, and other works.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and their respective answers.  If you have a question that you would like answered here, ask it and it shall be answered.

When did all of this start?

I have been writing for the better part of 2009 and beyond.  Late Nite Books just seemed to be the next logical step.

What is your inspiration?

I get inspired by a multitude of stimuli.  From movies, books, video games, and other media, to reading roleplaying systems, internet forums and blogs, and even news articles.  Anything counts.  I read very few fiction books these days in an effort not to be influenced by the works of others, though.

What is your motivation?

Passion, of course.  A deep passion for writing and taking away personal satisfaction from my work.  Writing is also useful for me as a form of stress management and relief, so I write, and I often write for long periods of time, up to several (4-6) hours in one sitting.

Why zombies?

The first and foremost reason is that I like zombies.  Well, I should say the idea of zombies is fascinating and terrifying to me.  One of my greatest fears is being eaten alive, whether by a zombie, a tiger, or an army of ants.  There’s something about being slowly devoured methodically and mercilessly that really makes me tingle.  Another of my greatest fears is having a parasitic organism in my general vicinity.  Zombies fit the bill in both cases, making it one of my favorite horror specimens.

What is Mages of Bloodmyr?

Mages of Bloodmyr is a young adult fantasy series. The first book in this series is due out in October, 2011, and is entitled The Circle of Sorcerers.

What is The Survivor Chronicles?

The Survivor Chronicles is a post-apocalyptic zombie horror series for young adults consisting of The Dying Times (book #1), The War of the Dead (book #2), Prisoner and Survivor (book #3), and A World Forsaken (book #4).

Why did you create Late Nite Books?

I created the Late Nite Books imprint in order to publish my horror stories and novels, roleplaying games, and other works.  I decided not to shop the novels around to large publishers due to the amount of time it takes for a book to go into publication that way.  In short, it could take years to get the books out in print.  I have the technical abilities to layout books and design book covers and the talent to write, so I decided to put it out there.