Updates Available on All Three Mages of Bloodmyr Novels

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For those who have the Kindle ebook edition of any of the Mages of Bloodmyr series novels, there are updates available for you. In order to get the updates:

1. The Circle of Sorcerers:
— It is recommended to delete the ebook from your account on Amazon.com.
— Go to the Circle of Sorcerers Amazon sales page (click the cover on the right of this page).
— “Buy” the free ebook again, then deliver it to your Kindle.
— You may ...

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The Mages of Bloodmyr – Fourth Novel? Not Exactly.

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I have just seen a new search term, “a mages of bloodmyr novel 4 release date” appear in the tracking tools. Basically, people are getting here by searching for that phrase, so let me answer the question. 🙂 The Mages of Bloodmyr series is complete, but the characters and the world of Bloodmyr will continue forward. My current plans are to continue with a new fantasy series (which is the same world and probably will focus on one of the ...

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