A Brief Hospital Trip

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I’m lucky to be out of the hospital. I talked briefly about it on the Facebook page, but I’ll go ahead and update those who don’t visit there. I developed an infection in my leg, and for that, I had to visit the hospital for about four days. Everything’s fine now–well, still a bit sore in the affected leg, but I’ll be fine now–and I’m back at it.

The paperback and hardcover release for Consuls of the Vicariate will be soon. I’m working on the compositions for the print files as we speak, and I hear that the audiobook version won’t be too long after. I’m confident that the audiobook for Circle has earned enough to fund Consuls, so it’s just a matter of getting the funds from Amazon and hiring the wonderful Justin Torres once more.

Also, Immortals of Myrdwyer is forthcoming. It’s a little slower than I would like–what, with work being very busy lately and the time in the hospital–but it’s coming along. I’ll chatter a bit more later, but it’s late and the bed calls.


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