Self-Publishing Accomplishments in 2011

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Everyone is winding down (or is that up?) for tax time again, and this has been the first full year I’ve been publishing books. I struggled to write this post, but I decided to go ahead and write it. I’m not posting this information because I want to show off, but I do want to show. Those who know me know that I don’t seek special praise for my accomplishments or little victories. Sure, praise is nice, but I don’t have to have it to keep going, to keep slogging along my path to reach my goals. Most importantly, the support from readers helps me keep going when times get tough, and I owe every bit of my success to those who decided to try out my books. (In other words, thank you guys!)

After taking a deep breath, I said, “If Joe Konrath can post dollar signs, why can’t I?” So, here it goes…


A very special number, the number–after all the W2’s were input and totalled–that came in from my little stories. Of course, being the first full year of operating, most of it has been reinvested back into the business, into equipment, and into publishing the books themselves. It may not be the gigantic money that some outliers are reporting, but it’s tidy. More important than that, it keeps the next projects funded, and it keeps the stories coming.

I merely wanted to share the news with my friends here and say ‘Thank you.’ I’ve had people write before wanting to talk about the business and whether or not it’s worth it, and I think you can make up your own mind. It may be worth it for some, but it may not be for others. Keeping you guys happy is a lot of work, but I try my hardest. 🙂 Through mistakes, hiccups, and obstacles along the way, we’ve arrived together, and I look forward to going ahead with my head held high.


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  1. jnfr  February 21, 2012

    Huge congrats, Brian. That’s a great first year. May you have many more

  2. Yamina Collins -  February 21, 2012

    Congratulations, Brian.

    I “met” you on kindle last week during the whole “how to self-publishing with kickstarter” chat. I really liked your video about self-publishing with lulu, createspace and lightning source. Very informative.

    I really respect how you’ve been able to keep costs down regarding the publication of your books.

    Very well done.

    Ps. I think I may have later on come across as a bit crass when I was talking about “ownership” rights and ISBN numbers. I only meant that, one of the reasons I want to full self-publish, without going through these other companies, is because of the amount of money they can make off of you by publishing through them.

    I am willing to lose the 30% to go through Amazon, but I’d rather hire out the rest of the work through freelancers and keep as much of the profit as I can, without sacrificing quality.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. You’re on your way. Also, if you ever want to blog about your writing adventures, drop me a line. I get about 6,000-10,000 visitors to my lit site per month. Nothing great, but it’s something.



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