The Consuls of the Vicariate – Editing Complete

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We have finished sorting through the sea of red marks and alterations, and my editor and I are pleased with the result. “…this book is packed with plot,” she said. It still has to go through proof reading, but we should see a February release in print and eBook. So begins another publishing phase, those rare times that I get to sit back, fiddle with cover art, mess with eBook formatting (and print formatting, too), and all the other little things needed to launch a title. Sometimes I even have to teach myself how to do some of it again because it could be 4 months or more since I’ve used these skills.

I may be forced to hold off on the audio book version for a short while. The audio book has done quite well, but I have to figure out exactly how much it’s earned in order to know if it will be capable of financing the second release. If it cannot finance the second, I’ll either hold off on the audio book until the pot has grown a little more or utilize a little bit of crowd sourcing (Kickstarter or something like that) to get the last bit of money it needs to go into audio book format. I love the audio book from the first in the series, and I really want to continue making them.

Just wanted to update you guys. Thanks for all the support, and if you haven’t started the series, you can learn more at The Circle of Sorcerers home page.


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