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It is with great reverence and sorrow that I share the news of the death of L.C. Evans. A fellow author and kind friend to everyone at Kindle Boards, Linda will be missed. The announcement came from Barbara Silkstone early this morning:

It is with great sorrow that I share  ~ We lost one of our own last night. Our beloved and lovely lady, Linda Evans succumbed to her battle with cancer.

She fought this disease like a tiger. A lady tiger.

Linda was always kind and generous with her time. She was never too busy to help a friend or respond to a fan. She guided many newbies and held the virtual hands of many old-timers.

Her daughter Jenny will be taking over the promotion of her mother’s books. It would be wonderful if we could support the sales of LC Evans delightful novels to help defray her medical bills. If you are so inclined please post Linda’s bookcovers and links whereever you can.

I have a feeling Linda is watching us right now.

We love you girl!

If you know anyone who reads romance or wants to try it out (or if you’d like to yourself), Linda could spin a tale unlike any other. The proceeds will go toward her medical and final expenses and to her family in this most difficult time. You can look at all of her works here.

When I think about the inevitability and the long, unknown eternity ahead of each of us, I wonder if I will be remembered. Yes, yes, I will be remembered by my close family and friends, and even by some acquaintances, but it is a sneaking thought that creeps up every time something like this happens–will anything I do now matter to anyone after I’m gone?

In looking over the body of comments on the Kindle Boards post and glancing at Linda’s books on Amazon and the reviews, I can clearly see that she will have no problem with this. She will live on, not only through her family and close friends, but through perfect strangers who have enjoyed her work and told others about them. Those little mentionings and whispers across libraries, book stores, coffee shops, and whatever other medium–Linda will live in those forever, a testament to her skill as a writer and her beauty as a person. How many people have been touched by this storyteller, and how many more yet will be touched through the perpetuity of her body of work? More than we can ever know.

Some additional links in remembrance of L.C. Evans:

The World Has Lost…[a truly talented author, LC Evans] – written by the editor of her final book, Lynn O’Dell.
L.C. Evans’ Author Central page
Kindle Boards: LC Evans (announcement)

Thank you for remembering Linda today.


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