Another Christmas, Another New Year

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Whew, what a year it has been. A year of good things, a year of bad things, and everything in between. A decision to “restart” myself and my writing (turning the zombie novels loose for free, starting anew with fantasy, for those who haven’t been tuning in).

Thankfully, The Circle of Sorcerers ( didn’t bomb. If it had, we’d be in a little trouble–no new material for quite some time. But, thankfully, it didn’t. It’s done well enough to support the next book at least, so I can keep going forward with new stories. (And, of course, I owe that to the fans for their support.)

With The Consuls of the Vicariate, I hope to have more. More of everything, and more than anything, I hope people will like it. We saw the conclusion of the story arc with Gustav Drakar in the first book, and we’ll be moving forward to the arc with Andolis Drakar in the second. After that… well, you’ll have to see how Consuls ends to know where we’ll be going next. 🙂 Hopefully, it will be ready in February, and I foresee the third (and the *currently* planned final) of the series out for release in June.

The audiobooks will follow on a schedule that is self-supporting. If there’s enough interest in the first audiobook (which, I must say, has been well-received and is doing well) and it at least pays for itself, I’ll commission the same actor (if he’ll have me) for the remainder of the series.

For now, back to work. Thanks for all the support.


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