Pre-publication Reviews: Not for Indies?

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With my latest release, I didn’t concern myself much with pre-publication reviews, but I did do them with every release of The Survivor Chronicles. I thought long and hard on the issue, and I decided not to worry about it this time around-instead, I went into overdrive after the release to send out review requests.

Why? I had several thoughts about the issue, and time management, editing to a final manuscript, and time vs. release issues disuaded me from the practice. ...

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Hatchett Publishing Tries to Validate Itself

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A huge legacy publisher. A leaked memo. What does it mean for us? Still, pretty much nothing, but it’ll be fun to poke around and laugh.

So, without further ado, let’s get after it.

Here are the contents of the memo which was circulating around Hatchett, and my comments are in-line:

“Self-publishing” is a misnomer.

Publishing requires a complex series of engagements, both behind the scenes and public facing. Digital distribution (which is what most people mean when they say self-publishing) is just one ...

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