In-Character: Laedron Telpist, The Circle of Sorcerers

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This first In-Character article introduces two things: a new type of article that will be appearing on the website and the main character of the debut novel of my epic fantasy series, The Circle of Sorcerers. These feature articles are designed to explore the characters of the books in a little more detail and in an outside-the-box kind of way. Of course, readers are always welcome and encouraged to participate.

That being said, the sorcerer Laedron Telpist.

The sixteen-year-old son of Filadrena and Wardrick Telpist, Laedron’s life becomes complicated early on in The Circle of Sorcerers. He’s faced with a choice: Morcaine or Westmarch. The prestigious magic academy of the capital city, Morcaine, has a mystical lure about it, and it’s far more popular than any other consideration in his homeland of Sorbia. In fact, very little has ever been heard of Madam Ismerelda of Westmarch, and the last thing on Laedron’s mind is spending day after day alone with some strange sorceress. Ismerelda, you see, offers only private tutelage, and she accepts only one student at a time.

Matters are further complicated when he finds out he actually had no choice to begin with; the decision has already been made for him, and he must accept. Though angry over the way this was decided, he must be trained, both out of tradition and for his own want to be a sorcerer. What should have been the most exciting time of his life is transformed into a dangerous, foreboding thing when Ismerelda’s message is received early. “…Send the boy to me.”

Laedron soon finds that he will be tested in more than simple spellcraft and incantations-the Heraldan church would like nothing more than to see his blood pooled on the ground beneath his lifeless body.

That’s all for today! SinceĀ The Circle of Sorcerers is so new, I don’t want to spoil anything. We’ll explore Laedron and many other characters in due time. I hope to have one of these at least once a week if not more often, but time (and the demands of The Consuls of the Vicariate) will dictate that.


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