Mommy, Where Do Zombies Come From?

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I write about zombies, and I’ve found that I don’t talk about them hardly enough. Of course, I’m trying to write the final novel in the series, so there’s precious little time to indulge the blog sometimes. When I have a free minute, I tend to use that for posting tutorials and articles, as well as news and updates about how things are going, but I want to indulge, for a moment, the subject matter of the books: zombies and the undead, specifically those affected by the Revelation virus.

The title of the blog made me grin ever so slightly, and it’s okay if you do, too. I’m sure I’ll have to tackle a similar question with my now-18-month-old daughter (and any future children we decide to have). I digress.

The Revelation virus from the books is a fictional super virus unleashed by the terrorists over the eastern US and Europe. The zombies created from the virus are relentless, flesh-eating monsters who are mere shadows of their former selves. Though they have the same appearance, they are clearly much different from the people who once occupied their mortal shells.

I’ve speculated sometimes on whether or not I will include the true source of Revelation in the series or not. Will I ever answer “where do the zombies come from” in the sense of who created the original virus? I can’t be sure, but I know it likely won’t be contained in A World Forsaken, the supposed final title in the zombie apocalypse series. Why? Because it’s not fitting for the story; the survivors really don’t have a chance or opportunity to explore these questions, and it would take some outlandish plot device to interject it into the book, anyway.

Some readers have become unhappy that book #4 is listed as the last in the series. Well, I can tell you there is still a chance for a fifth installment, but not right now. I have several other stories which need to be told, which need to see the light of day. One of those stories, The Circle of Sorcerers, is such a book, and that one should be out before the end of the month.

As to when A World Forsaken will be released, it won’t be too terribly long. Maybe not October, but I expect it should be done before the end of November (writing, editing, proofing, and releasing). It’s almost fitting that way because, if you don’t remember, we began this journey in November, 2010, and this would mark a full year since the release of the first book.

In addition, I feel that A World Forsaken is some of my strongest writing and storytelling to date. I’ve learned a lot through the editing process with a professional editor, and I see my flaws as I write and re-read what I’ve written. Anyhow, that’s all for today. I’m going to have some dinner and jump back into writing A World Forsaken. Nadene has some interesting choices to make in this segment.


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