The Very Basics of Covers with Lightning Source Print on Demand

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I’ve made a couple of videos (well, cut one long one down, I should say) demonstrating the very basics of cover templates with Lightning Source’s print on demand services

I hope you enjoy the videos.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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  1. sg  January 2, 2012


    Thanks for the videos. I am puzzled by two things:

    1) Why were the 3 regions inside the red dots made black?

    2) Toward the end you mentioned something about going from Photoshop to pdf, the format required by Lightning Source Ingram (LSI), but this step was not shown. For example, how does one ensure that the colors are CYMK under 240% (rather than RGB)? If one adds a picture, how does one ensure meeting LSI’s requirement for dpi and color?


  2. Brian  January 2, 2012

    Hey, SG,

    I was just about to reply to your email, but I’ll reply here depending on which one you check first, too.

    To question #1, I made the regions black so they would have some “substance”. In other words, they would have something in the layer of a defined size and shape to select; without something in the layer, you couldn’t select the shape in the layer to use later for justifying other elements.

    To question #2, yes, there are a number of other steps involved. So I don’t have to rewrite it here and since I don’t have my list of steps handy just now, I’ll provide the link to Aaron Shepherd’s blog:

    I do plan to make a video tutorial on this because it is rather complicated to perform, but the step-by-step instructions above should help in the meantime. I’ll also send a copy of this comment in reply to your email so you can have it.

    – Brian


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