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I’ve always loved watching my favorite writers on video interviews, even if it’s just to answer questions from emails and interviewers not necessarily in the same room. Therefore, I’ve purchased a “home studio kit” after researching the best camera for me. I went under $200.00 for a rather nice setup with a tripod and microphone jack on the camera. I watched numerous reviews on the model to make sure it would do what I want. For the kind of needs I have, I think it will perform more than admirably.

Just wanted to share this with the world out there. I find myself often watching videos from Anne Rice, Neil Gaiman, and the different authors interviewed by Borders and Barnes & Nobles, and it just feels like you’re there in an audience listening to them. You can also portray much more on video than you can with print, so I’m very excited to be more “face to face” with my reader friends and fans starting in September, hopefully.

Like my other videos, I will have to spruce them up with some video editing effects and such for that professional touch, but it should still be a great deal of fun.

As a side note, I am prepared to do email interviews on camera from any interviewer or fan who has questions once I get everything setup. This would be much in the style of your question being shown in text, then video of myself answering it the best I can. It’s guaranteed to be rough around the edges at first, but I will try my hardest to get it right and make the video something worth watching.

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