The Dying Times Reviewed by Jackson Free Press

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How exciting! A favorable review from the Jackson Free Press, a local newspaper in my area. I’m stoked!

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Basically, I was wallowing in my own self-pity for slogging along through The Circle of Sorcerers and worrying over finishing it when I checked my email on my phone. I have Google Alerts for my book titles plus my name, mainly for thanking reviewers or getting involved in conversations about the books when they pop up. I send out so many review copies that it’s hard to keep up with, and it saves me time using Google Alerts instead.

So, I saw the new review posted, then I saw it was Jackson Free Press. My pulse raced as I opened the email, reading every bit and soaking the information in as fast as I could. Then, I ran into the house like a madman, pushing the phone in my wife’s face. She, as always, was obliging and didn’t punch me out of fear, so that was another positive thing this evening.

Thanks for all the support from everyone, everywhere. It means a lot to me.


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