d10 Core RC1 Headed for Testing

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d10 Core RC1 Cover

Oooh, shiny!

We’ve scheduled the first test session of the d10 Core Roleplaying Game System Release Candidate 1 for Thursday, June 23rd, 2011. It’s been a long time coming, but we’re getting there. I’ve finished the 90-page “guts” of the system, more than enough for an official test run to get kinks out. The first version of the second edition rules sits in my hand, courtesy of being printed and bound by CreateSpace last week. I’ve made 3 copies of the book in paperback with a flashy generic cover just to see how it looks on paper, how some of the artwork holds up on the presses, and how it reads on paper.

The hard copies were about $18 for 3 copies with shipping and everything added, and the data gleaned already before play-testing has been invaluable. I can’t wait until my play-testers come up with “This thing is broken!!!” in more ways than one to see how we can break and reset the bones of this beast. I even told them I have no problems with them drawing in the book like a degenerate monkey who’s found some crayons. A couple of the 90 pages are just ruled pieces of paper with “Notes” written along the top to encourage note taking and destruction of my precioussssss.

Anyway, the testing session should be a great deal of fun. I’m really looking forward to it! Hopefully, the testers don’t find some lame reason not to show up. “How many times has your dog died now? It’s been at least 4.”

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