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Survivor Chronicles Omnibus

Survivor Chronicles Omnibus cover

I am in the process of releasing an omnibus edition of The Survivor Chronicles released so far. It is the compilation of the first three books of the series in one eBook. That way, people who haven’t read the books yet have a chance to catch up before the last one is released around the end of September. It also comes with a slightly reduced price tag, making The Dying Times free when all three are purchased at the same time.

Thanks to the readers who have made these books a great success. Raise a cup to the fans!

I will post some more info here when it is available for download.

Note: At the present time, this is an eBook-only edition, but I do plan on combining the paperbacks into a single ISBN so they can be purchased all three at once, also. I’ll be putting a discount on those, also. I just have to get in touch with my distributor to make sure it goes smoothly and find out what all is needed.


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  1. Jeremy Searles  August 24, 2011

    Love zombie books… I have been reading any I could get my hands on… I read the excerpt and hope that I am a winner for the Survival Chronicles Omnibus Giveaway… I want to know what is happening at the gas station!!! LOL

    • Brian  August 26, 2011

      Excellent, Jeremy! Best of luck in the giveaway, and I really appreciate your stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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