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So I sat down yesterday and looked at my messy pile of d10 Core notes and chapters that I’d already written. I said, “This doesn’t even look appetizing to me, and I wrote the thing.” I decided to stare at a blank word processor page set to 8.5″ x 11″ until that special look came to me. About an hour later, I’d crafted the format I wanted for d10 Core.

I always had a problem with headers and how they looked in the rough drafts of the chapters, so I wiped that away completely. I went with a two-column style, a traditional feature in game core books, and decided to go with a regular flow. Rather than trying to divide everything up into pages that fit exactly, I just filled the columns with my content. The process is much more streamlined and allows me to do more of what I actually enjoy – the writing part.

I took a break from the novels for just a minute to solve a few of these major issues and get some of the book into the first draft. I want to at least begin playtesting this system during Q3 of this year, but I don’t have a release time frame yet. I don’t want to release the core book if I don’t have any game settings ready, either. The core book gives you all the governing rules of the system, and the supplements are what bring the game to life, so I don’t want to go with the core book until I have a supplement ready to go with it.

Anyhow, things are going well. I am glad that I stopped doing so much advertising and promotion. It gives me more time to actually work, and it’s not like the sales or interest have waned dramatically to send me running and screaming back to the self-promotion bit. lol  To all the fans of Nadene, Andy, and now William, thank you. 🙂


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