Prisoner and Survivor Released and Relaxing on the Midlist

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Book #3 entitled Prisoner and Survivor is hitting Amazon and Barnes & Noble this week. The eBook version is already out, and I’m ready to relax for a few days before continuing the final book, A World Forsaken. So far, book 3 has sold about 80 copies since it’s been out. Very cool.

Sales have slowed, but I’m in the process of hunkering down on the ‘indie midlist’ for a while. Though it is subjective to say so, I’m a mid-lister with my books – meaning I’m somewhere comfortably in the middle. Being in the middle is not a bad spot, really; the income runs anywhere between $500 and $1,200 per month, and I don’t have to run myself to death doing promotional work and advertising on a constant basis. I actually have time to do some writing, and people are still picking up the books and taking┬áthe journey with Nadene, Andy, and (now) William.

Some say that $1,000 per month as an indie is “outlier”, or on the extremely successful end, but I don’t agree. The same rules don’t apply. The outliers these days are making 10x that per month or more. Of course, most of those people have considerably more books in circulation and the number of titles they have produced are normally at least double the number I’ve written so far.

I’m liking it. I think Joe Konrath is right when he talks negatively about advertising and promotion. They’re usually worth alot less in the end for the effect that they have, and readers are becoming much more proactive about finding new authors that they enjoy than they could in the past. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and thanks for reading!


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  1. jynna  April 29, 2011

    So happy this has been released! I have been waititng and waiting. Just picked up the Kindle version (1st purchase on my new kindle)

    • Brian  May 1, 2011

      Hey, Jynna, I appreciate you stopping by. ­čÖé Thanks for leaving a comment, and thanks for trying out my books! I really hope you enjoy the third installment as much (if not much, much more) as the first two.

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