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I’ve finished the giveaway, and everyone has their prizes. Congrats to Ann for winning the Kindle 3G! Congrats to the others who walked away with some cool Survival Chronicles books and eBooks! Congrats to everyone who won, and a big thanks for everyone who participated.

I was scared to host a giveaway of such a size and scale at first, but it really paid off. Most important of all, it felt good to give something back to the readers. I’ve started another giveaway which I call the Benchmark 200. Basically, when I hit 200 facebook “likes” on my fan page, I’ll give away a $25 Amazon gift card. You can spend it how you like, no questions asked.

Book #3 comes out soon. The eBook always precedes my print releases, and the print release is scheduled for May 1st. So, the eBook should be out in about a week from now. So stoked. 🙂

Book #4 is coming along nicely, and I have in mind how the series is going to end. Well, I’ve had the general idea in mind since the inception of book #1 two years ago, but it’s been changed and altered as the storyline has flowed forward. Since I write character-driven stories, sometimes the characters throw something in the mix that I have to account for in the plotline.

As always, I want to thank those who have believed in me and my little zombie series. Several thousand readers so far and still creeping along.


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