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The Circle of Sorcerers cover

The Circle of Sorcerers cover first draft

I’ve been writing zombie stories for most of this year. Well, I’ve been writing zombie stories since 2009, but have only recently published them. I have one more in the series to write, and the currently finished book and the one to be written to release. I’ve enjoyed writing the zombie stories, and I appreciate all the positive feedback and encouragement that the series has received so far. It was my first adventure in writing and publishing at novel length, and I have been generally successful with them.

What’s in store next? Now that I have my “sea legs” as far as publishing is concerned, it’s time to move into a wider, more expansive market and audience. Epic fantasy will be my next great experiment in the world of writing.

The Circle of Sorcerers cover┬áThe next series I intend to write is called “Songs of Sorbia”, an epic fantasy series detailing the life and experiences of Laedron Telpist, an eighteen-year-old who has just begun his training to be a mage. The story is set in the fictional world of Bloodmyr, and the story is based primarily around the events between the Circle of Sorcerers – the international organization of mages throughout Bloodmyr – and the Heraldan church, which differs on its viewpoints and beliefs from the mages. Things become tense when Tristan IV is named as the next Grand Vicar of the church, propelling Laedron into a dangerous time in the history of sorcerers.

I’m excited about the new series. I’m also excited to expand my horizons, so to speak, and take a much larger audience by storm. I’m estimating that this book could be released as early as August, but I may hold on to it until November. It will also be considerably longer than the other books I’ve written thus far, ending somewhere around the 80k to 120k word count. It will also not follow the cinematic, omniscient viewpoint that I used in the Survivor Chronicles series.


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