February Report, 120 days later

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It’s been four months since The Dying Times hit the scene, and about 23 days since The War of the Dead was released. I’m here to report on sales rankings, sales numbers, and so forth. People ask me about this all the time, and I promise, as always, to include some shiny graphs and stuff. I will include sales from all channels as of 02/25, and they shouldn’t change a huge amount until the end of the month.

The Dying Times

I’ll go into the first book first. It is priced at $0.99 (and has been for most of its lifetime) on Amazon. It is currently ranked #1,830 out of 810,000 books on Kindle and #65,109 in print on Amazon. Here is the lifetime Kindle sales rank chart:

The Dying Times, 02/11 Sales

The Dying Times, 02/11 Sales

As you can see from the above chart, daily sales have been pretty steady since about December 15th or so. Every once in a while they’ll dip for some unforeseen reason.

Now, for the second book.

The War of the Dead

As of this posting, The War of the Dead has reached #3,885 on Kindle and #149,319 in print on Amazon. Here’s your chart:

The War of the Dead sales 02/11

The War of the Dead sales 02/11

Although the book has only been out for a month, it’s seen steady growth so far, a trend that I can only hope continues.

The Actual Numbers

So, let’s get down to the total sales numbers so far. It will take me a moment to calculate everything, so please wait a moment. These sales figures include all known sales as of this point, in print, eBook, and from all distributors.

  • The Dying Times – total lifetime sales: 1727. It has been out for 4 months (Nov. 2010). 703 (ebooks) in February alone.
  • The War of the Dead – total lifetime sales: 475. It has been out for approximately 30 days (last couple of days in Jan. 2011). 417 (ebooks) in February alone.
  • Other Titles – total lifetime sales: 64. They have been out since January, but they are not promoted at all.

Therefore, since I first published in November, 2010, total sales for all of my works have been 2,266 copies! Hopefully that will double over the next four months. Total sales in February are 1,120!

Some Sentiments from the Author

I wanted to take a few moments at the end of this article and not talk about numbers and statistics for a moment. I wanted to talk about how humbling and how wonderful all of this has been. All of the people who have come together and contributed their time, energy, and know-how to helping me can never be repaid. The people who read my work and tell me how much they love it is an amazing side-effect to this grueling, difficult process.

I have also found that writing and publishing the stories that come from my heart can help ensure a brighter, happier, and more secure future for my family. In January, I was able to sell enough copies to cover the cost of my house mortgage payment. In February, I covered the mortgage and one of our utility bills. Getting rich was never the plan, though: putting my heart into my books and giving that unique experience to people was the plan, and if it made money, all the better.

I get choked up sometimes thinking about all the people who have given me a chance by reading one of my books and how I want to thank them all in person for giving me a shot. For some, they didn’t like the books. For the majority of others, they enjoyed them and recommended them. Many people have bought the second book in the series, as well. I hope I don’t disappoint the people who have given me that chance. They didn’t have to; by all means, they could have just shrugged and passed up my books, but they didn’t. They didn’t pass my book, they picked it up (or downloaded it) and read it, and they came back later to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

I’m certainly not perfect, and I have a ways to go before being truly great at writing, but my stories have touched people, and that’s a very unique experience. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Thank you for stopping by, and I certainly hope you have a wonderful day.


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