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I have taken a little time out from writing to observe the events going on in Cairo, Egypt, these past few days.  It would appear that the events have become more violent.  Hopefully, the violence will calm down, but I don’t see it happening.

As a member of a country that had a very violent revolution, I can only say that I hope that the transition from President Mubarak to a more democratic and free system will be relatively painless and result in the kind of system that the Egyptians want and can be proud of.  It is difficult to say if that will be possible at this point, though.  Mubarak has said he will not seek re-election and will step down in September, but it doesn’t seem to be enough for the Egyptians gathering in Liberation Square.

Of course, the American Revolution was to oust a foreign power from our soil and create a new nation, which is unlike the Egyptian revolution going on now that is entirely internal trying to replace the government that they have.  I simply hope that the military makes the decision to stand by and protect all of the citizens and allow the opposing factions to resolve their differences.  It would be unfortunate for Egypt to fall under a totalitarian military dictatorship as a result of this process.

My blog is small and doesn’t receive much traffic from anywhere outside the United States, but, if any Egyptians out there read this, best of luck with this process.  Although the American government is currently in support of Mubarak for his foreign attitude and stance, the American people are with you and want you to enjoy the freedoms that you deserve.

Oh, and please don’t hurt Anderson Cooper or the other journalists there covering the story.  Even though they are from the West, they are making your story known to us outsiders.  If the U.S. government’s stance is going to change, it will only be through support by American citizens of your cause.

I can only hope that the feelings of a want for freedom will spread to the other oppressed nations in the Middle East. If it does, we could very well see real peace in that region during our lifetimes.


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