The Dying Times has cleared 1000 sales

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The Dying Times has cleared the 1000 sales mark in the first 3 months it has been out.  Sales on other titles add to the numbers and remain steady, as well.

It would only be proper to thank the readers who have made this possible.  Without them, my material wouldn’t be read and would remain in obscurity.  I appreciate all of the readers who have given me a chance so far, and I hope many more will give The Survivor Chronicles a read.

I must also thank the countless friends, family, reviewers, professional associates, and other authors who have helped along the way.  Everyone who has helped deserves and receives my deepest gratitude.

Now, on to the next book!  The War of the Dead is out, and I have finished the third book, Prisoner and Survivor, and the fourth book is underway at about 10 pages so far.  I am ever-evolving as a writer, in no small part thanks to the constructive criticism of others.  My readers shall make a proper writer out of me yet!

Thanks again for everything.  It is a very humbling experience to see so many people with a copy of the book.  We have certainly started 2011 out right!


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