Self-Publishing Book in the works?

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I’ve started writing a few bits and pieces on a possible new book – a book about self-publishing.  It may become my first non-fiction piece.

Basically, it’s a book that shows you how to do the same thing that I do.  Well, I should say that it helps you publish your own book in print and distribute it.  I can’t really teach people how to write a good story.  That comes from somewhere deep inside.  I can, however, teach people how to actually get the book printed and distributed.  So, I’m working on that as a side project while I write my stories.

The plan is to offer information and insight to the self-publishing process (true self-publishing, that is), and to offer such information for a low price, and allow people to benefit from the information at the lowest possible price for any of the tools involved in publishing.  The idea is to keep the price of entry as close to $100.00 as possible.  That’s what I pay to publish my books, as I have all the tools that I’m comfortable with already.

Other than that, we’re still on schedule for The War of the Dead to be released the first week of February!


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