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From several less-than-stellar reviews on Amazon, I can only gather that many people who are now reading The Dying Times are not checking out samples of the book prior to purchasing or not reading the samples available on Amazon.

At any rate, I want to say to anyone who might find this post:  please read the samples of anything you are considering buying, you’ll probably be happier with your purchases.  Now, onto the rest of the post.

I think that the chief complaint from the critics (which still don’t outnumber the people who really liked the book) is that the writing is too simple for their tastes.  Judging by the samples, you can see my writing style from the word ‘Go’, and I give you two sample chapters to decide if it is something you might like to read.  My style doesn’t change dramatically throughout the book, though it can differ somewhat between books:  I am an evolving and changing human, just like you.  So, again, I encourage everyone to read the samples – not just of my own work, but anyone’s work you are considering buying and reading.

I did write the first book in a simpler style.  I wanted to convey it in such a way that it was felt as if from a young person’s perspective.  Regardless of the topic of my future books, I doubt I’ll do that again.  Oh, yes, there will be future books.  I’m not going to let bad reviews keep me down.  My 5-star, 4-star, and 3-star reviews aren’t from my friends and family.  There are people out there that are enjoying the book just fine.  I’d love to hear more from them, but a majority of the people who are enjoying the story probably won’t post their thoughts.  People are more likely to add a review when they didn’t like something as opposed to when they did like something.  It’s just the nature of things.  I know I’m guilty of it, too:  when I really dislike something, I’m more apt to write that I didn’t like it, but when I really like something, I’m more apt to just tell people about it.

My writing style over this entire series will probably be simpler and easier to read than other authors might have risked.  I’m writing a contemporary zombie horror series.  The prose is not going to be in that of a grandiloquent, magniloquent styled romance or fantasy book.  You don’t have to pull out the dictionary on this series (though you may have to use one for this blog post).

So, there it is.  I hope those that have enjoyed the story continue to enjoy the series as the new books come out.  Have a wonderful day!


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  1. Sue  January 20, 2011

    I think your writing style is good. You are the peoples author.

    • Brian  January 20, 2011

      Thanks, Sue!

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