The Dying Times gets 3-Star Review on Amazon!

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On the Amazon product page, The Dying Times has received its first 3-star review.  On the Amazon rating scale, this is generally considered an average rating, not too good, not too bad.  Good points and bad points that are balanced.  (Update 01/09/2011: I’ve been advised that a 3-star is actually a good review, which makes sense (it’s greater than 51% of the stars you could receive.)

Brian Kittrell, are you insane?  How could you be excited about this?

Well, it’s simple: you must embrace your praise as you embrace your criticisms.  In the end, someone read the book, someone didn’t enjoy the book, and they posted to let you know.  The review may be slanted a little negative and a little less constructive, but such is life on Amazon.

I would rather have an honest 3-star review than a “stuffed ballot box” of nothing but 5-star reviews.  The former is honesty, and the latter is trickery.  I don’t want to feel like I’m tricking people into buying my book.  I don’t want people to feel regret when they get done reading my book.  Therefore, when potential customers read this review and agree with the points held in it, that customer would be better off not buying the book.  In cases like that, I’m more interested in someone being happy with what they receive and not making the sales.  Authoring books is not just about who sells the most copies; it is about who makes people happy from the enjoyment of reading the book and making sales according to that principle.

So, thanks, Michelle M. Sauer, for your review!


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  1. Brian  December 30, 2010

    Also, in viewing the reviewer’s other reviews, this is a rather tough book reviewer, so it’s a little easier to take.


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