Trial Run on eBay in the Works?

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I’ve been thinking lately about how I can find the average price that people want to pay for the print copy of the book.  As a result of a couple of Facebook status updates and some looking around, it suddenly struck me:  maybe eBay can be used as a trial run for the book to determine a good price.

Think about it:  millions of people look at eBay to bid on stuff.  People are more willing to put in a bid than to leave comments and suggestions on something like an Amazon page or a blog, so perhaps eBay could be used to test run a product to determine the average price people are willing to pay for a book.

I am thinking of ordering 3 copies of the book, putting them up for $0.99, and just letting it go for a few days.  Hopefully, it will at least reach the money I put into it, but, if not, it’s only 3 copies of the book.  These would just be regular old copies, not signed or anything like that.  After all, I don’t need to get price data for a copy with a signature, as the ones people get from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, et. al., wouldn’t have signatures, either.



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