Sales Approaching 300, over 200 sold in December

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I just wanted to make a post regarding sales for December, and, of course, I wanted to thank everyone who has purchased.  I certainly hope you enjoy the book!

This little hobby of mine is becoming a great source of additional income, it would seem.  I’m far off from making this a full-time job, of course, but the little extra boost to my income should help ease the tension at home and pay a few bills.  That’s all I really expected from my books, and it’s starting to surpass the extra-money-for-bills stage and go into the part-time job level.

Anyhow, I know how people love to see graphs and charts and all, so I will post a chart as I go along

First, I did want to go over some information and some assumption that I’ve drawn from this information.  I’ll do it in a bullet-list to keep discipline over myself this time.  After all, there’s a chart to get to!

  • I’ve noticed that sales have exploded in December compared to November, but my sales rank has been on a rollercoaster this entire month.  I would check one day, and it’d be rank #8,000+.  I’d check within an hour or two that same day, and it’d be down to #2,000 or so in sales.  That means that people are buying books at an astonishing rate, and everyone has to wait until the holidays are finished to really know for sure how they stand.
  • A huge number of people got a Kindle for Christmas, or they got Amazon Giftcards.  The electronic sales for just about everybody have hopped up dramatically over the last week.  All authors should give thanks to their readers for this boon!
  • I have seen some sales for the print copy, but not nearly as many as that of the eBook.  (Probably at about a 1-in-5 rate paperback vs. eBook.)  This indicates either my price point is off on the print book, the eBook is just easier and more popular to Amazonians (you see what I did there?), or more zombie fans prefer eBooks.  There’s no way to really be certain.
  • I still haven’t seen any sales at Smashwords, probably because they still haven’t put it out through the premium distribution network.  Moving on…..

All in all, I’m quite pleased that I am making the sales that I am.  This book started out as  a stress reliever and time killer while I didn’t have anything better to do.  As it neared completion almost a year later, I dreamed that it might one day pay my cell phone bill.  In November, the sales did well, and it surpassed the cell phone bill by about 5 times.  Now, I am starting to think that the book actually has some merit to appeal to a wide range of people, and it has the potential to make some real money.

Now, I know that 300 copies is nothing to scoff at, and that’s just after the second month of it being out.  After all, most self-published books are lucky to have a lifetime of 200 copies sold within a few years.  I am very blessed and fortunate to have been given a talent, to embrace that talent and use it, and brave enough to show my work to the world and say, “Come what may.”  I wish/hope that more reviews from more people show up on Amazon, but I’ve learned that gathering reviews takes a long time.  I’ve even heard of one author who has over 20 times as many sales as she has reviews.  It just goes like that, I suppose.

But, I promised a chart, so a chart I will show:

Not #1 yet, but I’m working on it, okay?!

It’s not easy to see here, but one thing I did want to note is that Christmas Day saw a slight drop in the sales rank, but it resulted in more sales in total.  I attribute this to people probably buying more books about snowmen and reindeer than zombies at Christmas time, which is a very likely possibility.  I doubt the reduction in rank came from people buying any big-name authors and shooting people down (unless they write about snowmen or reindeer, of course) because their sales rank is usually higher than the thousands range to begin with.

The best rank it reached in December (and in lifetime) was #2,558 on December 23rd.  It is presently at the #4,026 mark as of this writing, with sales being steadily made.  We should surpass 300 copies sold by December 31st, which is quite impressive to me for a hobby-turned-published project.

I would include the sales chart for the print book here if it were indicative of anything; print sales are unpredictable and hard to use a chart to derive any real information from.  For instance, a book bought last week could appear on the chart as a sale for today, along with a sale today showing up today.  The only thing that really needs to be said is that the print copy is slowly trucking along, making a sale here and there, and I’m glad for it:  the royalties are slightly higher on the paperback book, but the number of the eBook sales keep them close on the royalties from each category.

Anyhow, that’s it for now.  I just wanted to share with you this information.  I usually don’t talk about sales, but 300 is a decent benchmark, and people keep asking me about how many sales are represented in my sales rank.  So, leave me alone about it!  Read the article and have your information.


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