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Yes, yes, I know.  I should have switched a long time ago.  I was with iPage, but it just wasn’t handling WordPress very well, and it was pretty slow.

I’m with BlueHost now, and I can tell I like it already.  Just visiting the tech support was enough to sell me on this hosting service.  I know I’m an author who writes books, and I should probably be talking about my book in these posts, but I am here to tell you that the quality of this web host simply can’t be beaten by the competition.  I’ll go over the many benefits with you if you’ll just click that “Read More” link over there.

You Get What You Pay For…

Never has that old adage been more true than my situation.  When I first started looking for a host, I decided to go with iPage.  The cheap price made it very attractive.  When I saw that my bill would be over $100.00 for 2011, though, I decided to start looking elsewhere.  My WordPress site never worked correctly with iPage, but I couldn’t beat the price.  I stopped thinking about price and started finally thinking about value.  When I consider the value of the service (which is Price vs. Features & Strengths), the choice was clear:  BlueHost.

The first thing that brought me to the decision to switch was when I spoke with an iPage support member and asked them about Cron Jobs.  For those not technically-inclined, a Cron Job is an automated process performed by the server at some interval that you define.  For example, if I wanted my page to send me an email every hour when it is not online, I would set up a Cron Job to do that.  iPage, though the representative was friendly and helpful, does not support such critical processes.  BlueHost supports them without any further set up – you just go in your cPanel and set it up, which is great.

BlueHost is also a great deal faster and more reliable.  I was having an irritating problem with WordPress where people couldn’t post comments and the logout feature wasn’t working.  The server simply couldn’t handle what I was trying to do, and that is pretty sad.  I mean, we do get about 150,000 visitors a month, but the server should be able to handle that easily.  I’m not Google, after all.

The features of BlueHost blow iPage out of the water, too.  They have more self-installing software (and the most up-to-date versions), it runs faster, it runs stable, and the support is top notch.  You can tell when speaking to a BlueHost representative that they aren’t searching through a database for solutions or reading from a prompter.  They know what they’re talking about, and they only have to find something if you ask them something anyone else would have to look up (such as a temp URL or directory or something specific to your account).

All in all, I can tell that I’m going to be very happy with BlueHost.  I highly recommend anyone looking for a host to try them out.  The price is a great value for the service provided.


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