Kickstarter Project Success and Other News

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The Kickstarter Project has succeeded.  Thanks to all the pledges and support over these long weeks!  There were a couple of times in the project that I didn’t think we were going to make it, but I’m so glad that we did!  It reached the goal, so it’s time for a little saving and scrimping on my end to save up the rest for the advertising!

All of the pledges should be receiving the electronic version of the book now in their email, and the more physical rewards will be coming along very soon.  The rewards should be received between now and Christmas!

I am also happy to announce that the Kindle version of the book is remaining under #10,000.  This is amazing since there has been little or no advertising so far, plus this is college finals week (less young adult readers available right now).  Just imagine what some real advertising will do!  As of this writing, the Kindle edition is at around #7,000 of over 600,000 titles on Amazon.  That translates to The Dying Times being in the top 2% in Kindle sales right now!


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