The Dying Times is to be an Audiobook and more

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Everyone calm down!  I’m not reading it myself, so you won’t have to hear my voice on there!  Now, let us continue…

Technology is a wonderful thing.  By using expensive advanced software, The Dying Times will be released in audiobook format for your enjoyment.  The first sample is available for those who are interested on The Dying Times official page.  Of all the voices available, I decided on the younger British female voice; it’s calm, relaxing, and sounds very good compared to many of the others out there.  Perhaps this would be better known as an “AutoBook”?

It is truly amazing how good automated reading software is becoming these days, with a little nudging from the human operator.  It’s certainly a lot easier and cheaper than working with a human reader.  I’m not going to say that a human reader isn’t ever in the future of The Dying Times, but, for now, it is much simpler and more economical to do it this way.

Check out the sample which includes the first chapter at RapidShare:  The Dying Times sample

In other news, the Kickstarter project is now 26 hours from completion.  Get your rewards today by pledging to the project!


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