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I am happy to announce the latest review of The Dying Times, and I wanted to thank Lori for reviewing the book and posting the review to their website.  You can read the review below or from their website directly.

This first entry into the Survivor Chronicles is the story of a teenaged girl making a perilous journey to Texas from Alabama. In her group of survivors are her mother Pamela, a homeless veteran named Wayne, a former police officer named John and a police dispatcher that they meet along the way, Susan. The world in which they live has been over run by huge numbers of zombies following a missile attack carrying a very deadly virus with it.Dying Times: Nadene’s Story is one of the top zombie stories that I have read this year.  It’s very imaginative in its presentation and has a fantastic lead in to the zombie action.  The book keeps a very steady pace and is attention-grabbing almost from the start.  The zombie scenes are incredibly grisly and are excellently written. One scene takes place in an airport which the group is trying to fly off in a helicopter. This scene is particularly terrifying as the undead are relentlessly dogging the trail of the living trying to escape. These zombies are fast and just smart enough to be even more dangerous than their cinematic counterparts.  One scene has the survivors at a cabin in a campground where they rest and regroup following a close call with a nuclear weapon in Biloxi MS.  The group were followed by dozens of the undead to their refuge.  This scene was startling. The author had fashioned some of the scariest scenes within the genre.

His characters are very interesting and exceptionally well written.  Nadene the teenaged survivor is written with a great deal of sensitivity. The author gives this character an ability which added an extra dimension to the character.   One of the better characters is Wayne, the homeless veteran. His character makes some interesting changes and eventually becomes the savior of the group.  John is a very believable leader and Susan elicits a great deal of sympathy as she takes Nadene under her wing.   I thought that all of the characters had depth and a range of personalities. I hoped that each of the characters would survive and found myself routing for them. I also think that Mr. Kitrell had created a very unusual undead world in this story.  I had alot of fun reading this story and feel that anyone who reads this book will equally enjoy it.

– Lori from Living Dead Media

Thanks, Lori!  You can read this and other reviews on The Dying Times official home page!


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