Survivor Short Stories Coming Soon

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I have decided to begin writing (when time permits) a series of short stories about tertiary characters found in the Survivor Chronicles.  Ever wonder what happened to Harvey from Harvey’s Diner in Grand Bay?  The two people in the dump truck at the airfield?  I have always wondered myself what happened to the characters who were not the main focus of the story, and this is a medium by which I can explore the lives of those who were left behind.

Did I mention that these short stories will be posted free of charge?  Oh, yes, I probably should have said that.  The Survivor Shorts, as they are being called at this time, will be offered free of charge for your enjoyment right here from the Late Nite Books website.  They will be available in downloadable PDF format, and I will also port them to eReaders when possible so that you can take them along with you!

I should note that the PDF files will be retained under a personal copyright by the author, but they can be transmitted freely as long as they remain unaltered and remain free of charge to whomever they are sent.

Stay tuned for more and the first survivor short stories soon!


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