The Dying Times Release is Imminent

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The Dying Times has been sent to the printer, it has returned, it has been approved, and it has been added to the distribution database.  The only thing to do now is wait until retailers receive this information and update their websites so that it will be ready for purchase.

The title is coming out simultaneously for Kindle, Nook, and other eReader devices/formats, so the printed copies or the electronic versions can be purchased by those waiting for this marvelous moment in history.

As soon as the title is available on at least two print retailers (Amazon and Barnes & Noble), I am going to post the full release article with links to the places it can be bought.  I hope that the interest that has been garnered in the book will show through in its initial sales and that it will continue to garner support in the book reading community.

I want to thank everyone for the pre-orders, the interest, and the support that I have been lucky enough to receive during the writing and development process.


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