The Dying Times Uploaded to Smashwords

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I have uploaded the book to Smashwords so that it will be available to everyone who does not want to buy it in print, those who find eBooks more economical, those who prefer to read on an eReader, and those who fall outside of a reasonable geographical proximity to the United States (who would otherwise have great difficulty reading the book).

The eBook version should be available simultaneously with the print version.  The only thing I can guarantee is that the eBook version will be out as soon as I make the printed version available for sale, so it could possibly will probably be ready in print a small amount of time before the eBook version is released, but I only estimate less than 24-hours of a difference.

Smashwords is a distributor of eBooks to many platforms, such as Apple iPad/iPhone/iEtc., Adobe’s ePub format, Sony eReader, Nook, Kindle, and others.


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