The Dying Times Sent to Printer

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The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story, the first book in the Survivor Chronicles series, has been sent to the printer.  What an exciting time!

I am pleased to have been at the helm of this very tiring process, but the book shall soon come to fruition.  We are well on schedule for a release at least by November 22nd, 2010, though it will probably be available before that date.  I am going to leave the release date the same for safety at this point in time, but it may very well be changed to reflect an earlier date in the near future.

Now, the hard part begins: sales and marketing.

I have thought about several different options for marketing, and I will begin releasing details of the successes of those campaigns after release for others who are considering self-publishing and for those who already publish books.  The immediate sales of the book will hopefully allow for expansion of the marketing budget and help in pushing the book further during the holiday sales at the end of this quarter.

For all those following the book and its release, and for all those who plan on picking up a copy when it goes live, I personally thank you now, and I shall thank you when I see you again.  I appreciate all of the encouragement that has been given over these long weeks of finalizing, editing, and perfecting the book for release.  I couldn’t have done it without all of the support.

Looking towards the future, I hope that the first book is successful and that it will be followed by its successors, more survival stores, in the form of the second book in the series, The War of the Dead: Andy’s Story, and the third book in the series, Prisoner and Survivor: William’s Story, and the others that will follow from that point onward.


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  1. Brian  October 28, 2010

    The proof copy should be in my hands by 5:00pm Central tomorrow. Everything went perfectly with the printer, so I just have to check the quality of the proof and approve the title for sale.

    Very exciting!


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