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I have received another review, this time from Greyz Grismalt of the Clandestine Sanctuary.  You can find this review and others under the Novels tab or The Dying Times homepage, or read the newest one here:

Review by Greyz Grimalt from Clandestine Sanctuary.  Reviewer didn’t provide a star rating.

“The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story is the first book in The Survivor Chronicles series by Brian Kittrell, and I am super lucky to read this book which will be released on the third week of November.

I am not a zombie fan, but when I saw the blurb of the book, I was intrigued of what Brian’s novel could give me so I gave it a go. I decided to read the first few chapters of the book and get a feel of how the novel would progress.  Well, I didn’t stop on the first few chapters; I ended up reading the novel in one sitting.

I am quite amazed at how good this book is despite the fact that this is Kittrell’s first book.  It is a well-written novel, the characters are well played out, it is a fast paced read, there is not a boring moment in the book, and the ending is just enough to make you want to wait on the next book from the series.  After reading The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story, I so want to read the next book to know what will happen to Nadene and her companions.

Who may want to read this novel?  Zombie lovers, paranormal junkies, readers who loves new stuff from fresh writers, adventure seekers, and people who enjoy a good read. I would just like to include a warning to younger readers because The Dying Times includes violence, so take a little precaution in reading the novel.”

Greyz Grimalt – Clandestine Sanctuary

Thanks, Greyz!


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