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Though certainly not the same genre of book, there are plenty of positive things said and a couple of things for me to work on before the final release in November.  Here are the reviewer’s words:

“This book shows definite potential to be a great novel.  It held my interest although it needs further development of the characters and dialogue.  Despite it’s flaws, it has good flow though it does suffer from some continuity problems.  I do appreciate the chance to review this book as it gives me insight into another first time author’s work.  I hope he will keep writing and keep developing his skills as he does have a talent for storytelling.
Jennifer DeNaughel – Lighthouse Dreams”

I will be working on a little bit of character development for one of the characters who did not have a chance to be voiced, and I will look at the continuity of the story and see if there are any places that could be refined.  Altogether, I am pleased with the review.  My key concern is holding the audience’s interest, and the people who have read it so far have resounded that sentiment.  Thanks, Jenn!


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