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Late Nite Books is finally and officially a publisher, thanks to a partnership with Lightning Source, Inc., which is a part of the Ingram Content Group.

Ingram is revolutionizing the way content reaches its destination.  By being paired with Lightning Source, Late Nite Books titles appear in Books-in-Print from R.R. Bowker, the U.S. ISBN agency, and 30,000+ brick-and-mortar bookstores worldwide.

What does this mean, exactly?  I’m glad you asked…

In addition to being able to list on Amazon, Late Nite Books titles will be available for purchase through Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, and a wide variety of big chains.  Though the titles may or may not appear on the bookshelves themselves, they will be able to be ordered from any of these locations.  The main reason that the titles will probably not appear on bookshelves is that, in order to have a physical product in stores, you have to offer a return policy on unsold books.  At this time, Late Nite Books does not offer such a return policy due to the financial commitment required.

Is that a bad thing?  Not necessarily.  With LSI’s partnership, Late Nite Books can offer titles on a Print-on-Demand basis and a Print-to-Order basis, meaning that each copy of a title that is produced and shipped has already been sold.  Bookstores and Late Nite do not have to keep physical inventory of the book, and customers can purchase titles on demand.

To further complicate things, Late Nite titles will be available for purchase for a couple of years before going into archiving.  This means that the titles can be ordered from your favorite, local bookstore for a long period of time before they are unlisted there and placed exclusively on Amazon.  This reduces costs of keeping older titles in print, but it still makes sure they are available if someone comes across it much later.

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