The Dying Times receives 5 Star Review!

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My first novel, The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story, has received a five-star review from a professional reviewer.  This is great news!  The novel is due to be out by the last week in November, 2010.  The review should be placed in the October issue of the Midwest Book Review, and also posted on the reviewer’s blog, Whispering Winds Book Reviews.  Now, I’m just waiting on the cover art to be completed, and we’re in business.

From Sandra Heptinstall, the reviewer:

“This book is a genuine masterpiece of this type of genre. Actually it could fit into a number of different categories and styles of writing. I read a couple of chapters and then put the book down. I kept thinking about the story and decided to just read a little more. Well I wound up reading the whole book. I found out that once you start reading this book you can not stop.

It starts in the year 2013 where we find the eastern portion of the United States is being attack. Missiles carrying biological agents are falling and killing thousands of people. But then a strange thing happens. Some of the dead come back to life and begin to attack and kill people who were not effected by the bombs.

I found this story to be interesting and it may hold a whisper of what may happen if some things do not change in our world. Everyone will have their own perceptions of the story and characters. I firmly believe that this book will be enjoyed by all who read it.

I loved the way the characters were developed. And how they teamed up to go west away from the horrific things that were happening to save their own lives.

This book was so good I found it hard to believe it was from a first time author. Do yourself a favor and buy the book for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

– Sandra Heptinstall”

Thanks, Sandra!

Update: Release of the title has been pushed back two months to allow for pre-publication reviews.  Sorry!

From the Midwest Book Review website:

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