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I found a piece of software that is amazing and very useful for any aspiring roleplaying game designer or anyone checking out dice mechanics in existing roleplaying games (or in any dice system, for that matter).  That software is SmartRoller.  In this article, I will discuss briefly its features.  It’s also free to download, free to use, which is an even bigger, added bonus.

Since I am planning the redesign of the d10 Core Roleplaying Game System for its Second Edition, I started the search for a multi-purpose dice tool that would meet my many needs.  SmartRoller does this beautifully.

From the product’s website:

SmallRoller is a simple dice rolling program that also calculates probabilities. It can handle an arbitrary number of dice with an arbitrary number of sides (up to the limits of your computer’s memory, anyway), and not only calculate an ordinary bell curve, but also the probability of getting a certain number of results in a certain range when tallying up each die individually. (Yes, that’s a binomial probability distribution for you statistics majors.)

In other words, not only is it good for calculating your odds in craps, GURPS, and THAC0, but also Yahtzee and Storyteller dice pools.

For my personal uses, I needed to use the d10 die to determine varying probability rates based on a player needing a majority of his dice to appear as a certain number in order to achieve success.  The program can split up dice individually and keep track of what each die rolls in a series (which is what I needed), or it can combine them and give you statistical output for the combination probabilities, such as when a system combines all the values together to get a total.

It also does your basic statistical readout for popular systems, such as d20, and you can get statistics and probability numbers with any add-on modifier that you choose for the roll, though it’s not required.  It even can do multiplication on the dice against numbers you specify or against each other to further increase the gamut of possibilities.

Of all software I’ve seen, this is a must-have for game designers and dice fanatics, right up there with a sturdy word processor and personal determination.


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