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The d10 Core System has been talked about on another blog, Observations of the Fox.  I have made a reply, so I’ll have to wait to see if it makes it into the comments section there.

I have heard of the Fuzion system referenced on the page, but I haven’t read or played it, so I can’t really comment as to any similarities between the two.  I’ve always played White Wolf and Wizards games, with a few indies mixed in (such as Eden Studio’s All Flesh Must Be Eaten).

Eden Studios is actually a big motivator and inspiration to my work, as it followed a similar track, but in reverse.  In other words, Eden developed their game setting first, then the Unisystem (the game mechanics/base rules that govern the game).  I’ve finished my foundation mechanics, and I will apply a layer over that containing the story, game setting, and powers/abilities in the form of supplements.

Probably the most negative part about the piece is written as follows:

“Maybe I’m just ranting again, but it’s really frustrating to see a designer pop their head up and say “Hey I’ve got something new, please give me money”…when the very thing being offered is a retread of old rules.”

To that, I really can only say that the entire purpose of the Kickstarter project page was to be there to help advertise the system itself and to remain as a funding option if, in the event someone actually donated, it would help my projects get off the ground faster than the current rate with better artwork.  I’m working off of a personal budget, so the projects will get the funding, but it may take longer and not be of the kind of quality you usually would see in a Pathfinder book or some of the big, well-funded projects.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t even linked to the Kickstarter page since I remade this website (until now), as I have no real faith in its ability to help me anymore; I’m simply not established enough at this point in time to demand a following of fans willing to donate to such a cause.  But, that’s okay.  There is always tomorrow. 🙂

I am, after all, a generally-unknown, new, independent author who writes novels and roleplaying games.  I never expected the Kickstarter project to fund the d10 Core System, but, if it actually did, that would have been wonderful!  Therefore, my expectations are running exactly as I had thought: the project remains at $0.00.  Not a big deal, the project will continue.

As an aside, unless they’re a well-established writer and known figure in their industry, anyone who ties their fate to their Kickstarter project is in for alot of disappointment.  That being said, I shall continue.

I am not terribly displeased with the commentary from the aforementioned blog, though.  After all, the writer’s main complaint is with the Kickstarter project being there because the system is not particularly revolutionary or amazing enough to warrant donations.  That’s fine, too.  I never promised to revolutionize roleplaying, I simply said I would streamline it and make it simple, and I do that.  I also give lots of options on how to play the game throughout the rules, making the system modular and open to modification around the game table.

Anyhow, that’s enough explaining for now.  If my comment is accepted over there, I’ll continue this conversation in that regard.  I don’t think the guy had any real animosity towards me or the project, though.  I really didn’t explain any of these things until now (except for a few posts on RPG.net and to some friends and family), so I can see where some of the misunderstanding comes from.  I don’t think he was trying to be too hard on the system or on me, I just think it was considered out of context.  Hopefully, a majority of people haven’t been getting those impressions.  If so, I must apologize deeply.

UPDATE: I posted my reply to Observations of the Fox, and it was accepted and replied to by the owner of the blog.  He apologized that I took the comments as negative, but some of them had that initial direction, and everything calmed up towards the end and in the comments.  Of course, I’ve always been told and agree with “there is no such thing as bad press.”


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