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I have decided to make a little “address” to those who frequent here to inform everyone who may be interested as to the state of how everything is going.

I will cover topics on the d10 Core Roleplaying System, its supplements, and the first-ever novel by yours truly, The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story, amongst some other things.

First, I will cover the topic of The Dying Times: Nadene’s Story, which is finished as of this writing.  The final manuscript will probably be 270-280 pages, as I plan to include the first chapter of the second book in the series, code-named “Book #2”, to give everyone a brief taste of what is yet to come.  This first book is at 256 pages, and my chapters usually run a little longer than most novels I’ve seen (about 14-20 pages per chapter), so I’m estimating 270 at the minimum, 280 at the very maximum, and the title should be available through Amazon before the end of August, proofreading and editing willing.  As with many first novels, I have made it a relatively quick read with a good, fast pacing, and will look at any negative comments I get with a constructive eye for making my next book that much better.

Second, I have let the d10 Core System supplements rest slightly, as I picked up speed on the novel towards the end.  I was actually getting about 50 pages a day on the last two days.  (For anyone who noticed or has been keeping up with the page counts on the Novels page, the page count jumped from 170 to 185, then to 270 within a 48-hour time span.)  Does this mean the story was rushed?  I don’t really feel that way, but time (and reviews) will tell.  I just felt like I got a sudden wind about me, and I didn’t even want to finish the book where I did, but I decided it was a good stopping place for the story (which will be continued in the next series).

I must also wait until I either have some sales of the book or receive feedback based on people reading the free copies, neither of which has happened yet.  All I can really say is that I’ve gotten 56 downloads of the book and 103 downloads of the character sheet, and 0 comments (as of 8/2/2010).  Either it’s perfect (which is not the case), or people aren’t commenting (which is obvious).

The first planned supplement for d10 Core is the Immortal Nights setting, where players play as vampires with special powers and are put into a variety of interesting settings by the game master.  The cover art is pretty much complete on this work, and I am still trying to decide if I want to include any interior art in this book at all.  I probably will end up putting some custom ink drawings inside, but that hasn’t been nailed down completely yet.  When I get within the last week of production and start the proofreading stage, I will probably release the cover art at that point.  Planned release?  Well, I am hoping to have this project release inside September, but I am certainly not going to rush it.  The 8.5 x 11 planning documents are reaching 50 pages now, and I usually start editing them into book format around 80-100, depending on if I feel I have enough content to flesh out the project.

The second planned supplement for the system is the Survivor setting, where players are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse through wit, planning, careful self-management, and shotguns.  I’ve always been a big fan of zombie stuff in general, and the roleplaying genre doesn’t really have enough of it, in my opinion.  This project has about 10 pages on the planning documents, so it could be October or November before it reaches release status.

That’s all for this week.  In summary, 1 novel completed and undergoing final editing and cover art design.  1 new novel has begun, code-named “Book #2”.  Two supplements are in the initial planning stages for the d10 Core System.  I need feedback on the d10 Core rulebook.

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