d10 Core Roleplaying System Available on Amazon!

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You heard it right!  The d10 Core Roleplaying System is now available on Amazon.com, the largest online bookseller.  You can purchase a copy of the finished product for $14.95 USD.  Check it out!

The d10 Core Roleplaying System allows you to run any kind of game you want, simple, fast, and easy. This book is the 150-page core rulebook: it contains all of the core rules, charts and tables, character examples, and gameplay examples that you need to be up and running a pen and paper roleplaying game quickly and easily. Whereas other roleplaying systems have complex rules, complex mechanics, and strange dice requirements, the d10 Core system simplifies all of that and leaves you with what you need: a strong and stable core ruleset that is fast to learn and implement, a single die ruleset where all you need is a single d10 die, and straightforward mechanics that are streamlined and uniform throughout the system, keeping book referencing to a minimum.

Focus on the fun of roleplaying, the companionship of a few close friends, and a game system that can be applied to any genre and any setting, regardless of time period, equipment, magic, fantasy, science fiction, or standard modern, medieval, pre-modern, or ancient time periods. In addition to the core rulebook, you have access to the Late Nite Books website which has resources, discussion forums, and downloads that expand upon the core rules. When you purchase a copy of the d10 Core Roleplaying System, you are opening the door to a world of adventure and intrigue that won’t soon be shut!

There are already two supplement settings in production at this time.  The first most likely to be released will be a timeless roleplaying game set in the secret world of vampires, and the material tracks the vampire experience from creation all the way into the modern times.  The second to be released is a zombie/post-apocalyptic setting, just because I love the setting so much!  More news to follow!


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