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After a great deal of deliberation with myself, my family, colleagues, friends, and strangers, I have decided to release an eBook version of the d10 Core Roleplaying Game System free of charge from my website.  I will explain why I decided to do this, and then I’ll tell you how and where to get it.

The first and foremost reason is that no one out there has any valid reason to trust me as a roleplaying game writer.  Unfortunately, this is the sad and utter truth that all beginning writers face, and, instead of interning or co-writing with someone who is well-known in the RPG industry, I decided to follow a self-publishing, self-release model.  I think that this model fits my style much better than other models because it allows me to present my work to the world, have it published and available for purchase, and gives me a sense of standing on my own two feet, as it were.  I am perfectly willing to put myself out there, self-publish, and let the world be my judging ground.  It’s also a great deal cheaper for a beginner to do everything themselves rather than hire out for positions.  Therefore, the book is entirely written and designed by yours truly from start to finish:  I did the cover art, the layout work, the writing and design of the system itself, the indexing, table of contents, the character sheet, and anything else contained inside the physical book or eBook copies that you will be reading.

Second, I was told and eventually agreed on the fact that, if the game is free to play, people will play it, and that’s your ultimate end goal.  The end goal should never be for immense and exorbitant profit, at least not in the pen & paper roleplaying industry.  You’re just not being realistic if that’s what you have planned for yourself, especially if you’re just starting out.  So, I want people to actually play my game.  My feelings on the issue were the same as many people starting out: you don’t want to spend all this time designing a game system to have it ripped off or stolen by someone else.  Of course, I agree with you; however, the majority of people out there in independent (indie) RPG design are so involved in their own projects that they will probably take a look at yours, they might like one or two ideas and may even add them in some way to their own work, but they have no real interest in stealing your ideas.  Speaking of stealing, that brings me to my third point.

I don’t want to see my writing efforts showing up on piracy websites.  I know that it seems to be a strange reason to make it free, but I will explain exactly what I’m talking about.  Let’s say that many people download pirated eBooks of your game because they don’t want to risk the money, especially on a never-before-heard-of author on a brand new system that no one has ever heard of before.  They want to see what’s inside before they make their purchase, because, quite frankly, people who are into roleplaying games love to have hard copies of their favorite games on their shelves.  Instead of selling the PDF, which basically costs me nothing to produce (other than my time in writing it), I can use that as a tool to build community and product brand and use it as a promotional tool in and of itself to promote my printed book.  So, I am basically cutting out the middle man (the pirate websites) in favor of driving the traffic and interest to my own website.  Trust me, it took a lot of me convincing myself into doing it, but I finally convinced myself to do it, and I am a much happier person for it, despite me being such a hard bargainer.

So, there you have it.  You can visit the d10 Core System page in order to download the ~640 kb of wholesome roleplaying goodness stored therein, along with the character sheet, and (as soon as available) you may just feel like going all the way with a hard copy of the pocket companion to have to hold in your hands.

And, of course, it goes without saying:  feel free to make a comment about the game system or ask your questions!


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